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Daan Ghati

Daan Ghati
Daan-ghati is situated in the middle of Goverdhan on the present-day road between Mathura and Kamyavan. Even today, a toll must be paid to pass through here. At the time of Krishna’s pastimes, Krishna became a toll collector and performed dan-lila, or a toll pastime, with the gopis through loving quarrels and sarcasm.

Daan Ghati Temple Govardhan

Once, on the bank of Govind-Kund, Shree Bhaguri Rsi was performing a sacrifice for the pleasure of the supreme Lord. The cowherd boys and girls were bringing ingredients for the sacrifice from distant places. From the other side of Dan-ghati, Shreemati Radhika and Her sakhis were also bringing yogurt, milk, butter and various kinds of milk-sweets, such as rabadi. Shree Krishna, along with subala, Madhumangla and other sakhas, obstructed their path and forcibly demanded tall-tax, and the sakhas and gopis began to taunt each other.

Main Festival- Guru purnima


Darshan Timing-
Morning- 05-30am to 11-00am
Afternoon- 04-00pm to 10-00pm