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Temples in Nandgaon

The places of Nandgaon and Barsana located in Uttar Pradesh at close proximity to each other are very sacred to the Hindus. Lord Krishna resided in Nandgaon for sometime along with his foster father Nanda Baba and mother Yashoda while Radha was born and brought up in Barsana.

Brijwale is a travel cum tourist guide partner that organizes pilgrim tour to Nandgaon and Barsana. We help you to Darshan and worship the deities present in the famous temples in these cities. Our sole motive is to plan and arrange your visit to the mandirs in a peaceful way so that you achieve serenity of mind.

Worship at the Famous Temples in Nandgaon and Barsana

Nandgaon and Barsana
Nandgaon and Barsana both hold lively memories of the childhood of Lord Krishna and his favourite Gopi, Radha. The temples in the city celebrate motherhood and deal with the intricate relationship of mother with her child. Our tour package includes a list of sites that stand as a witness to the intimate companionship of Lord Krishna and Radha. Here is a list of the famous temples in these towns to which we extend our service:

We help you to gaze through the beautiful stone carvings of the temples of the place. There are different timings to visit the temples in summer and winter. We arrange your visit in such a way so that it caters to the timings of the temples.

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Asisesvar Kund

A short distance to the east of Nand-baag is AsisesvarMahadev and Asisesvar-kund. Parjanya Maharaja used to bath here and worship AsisesvarMahadev easily becomes pleased even by a little worship and bestows blessing by which all of one’s desires may be fullfilled. Some Brijwasis also say that ...

Gahvar Van Barsana Temple

Gahvar means “deep”,”dense”,inaccessible”and “secret”. True to its name, this place is dense forest thick with tress, creepers, groves(keli-kunj) and Priya-Priyatam’s sweet and intimate pastimes. It is shaped like a conch. Situated here is a sitting-place of vallabhacarya, where ...

Nand Bhavan

To the south, adjacent to Nandisvar Hill, are a few ruins of the staircase of Nanda-bhavan. Nanda’s residence here was extensive, with separate bedrooms for everyone including Nanda Baba, Mother Yashoda, Mother Rohini, Krishna and Baldev. It had a kitchen, store-room and dining hall, as well a...

Pavana Sarovar Nandgaon

Mahaprabhuvallabh Acharya bethaksthali. This sarovar, or lake, lies north of Nandgaon when coming down from Nandisvar Hill, and is situated on the side of the highway that leads towards Kamyavan. The custom is to bath in the lake before taking darsan of Nand, Yashoda and the others on the crest ...

Raja Ka Mandir

The beautiful temple of Raja ka Mandir was built by aRajput king who was an ardent devotee of Radha-Krishna. The sculpture inside the temple is carved out of sandstone having slinky and beautiful designs. A gracefull and lovely idol of shree Radha being placed at the center of the premises. Befo...

Barsana Radha Rani Mandir

Shreeji, a beloved name for radha, the daughter of this land and intimate companion to Krishna. It is one of the oldest temples in barsana which is approximated to be built 5000 years ago on the Bhanugarh hill top. Temple’s another name is LadliLalji temple means beloved radha’s temple. This...

Ter Kadam

TerKadam is the Bhajansthali of shreelRoop Goswami. This place is situated exactly half-way between Nandgaon and Javat. Being a place of Radha and Krishna’s raas-lila, a platform has been constructed here in memory of this pastime. While grazing the cows in the afternoon, Krishna used to clim...

Daan Garh Barsana

Daan Garh Barsana This beautiful place is on top of Brahma-parvat. One day,shree Krishna and SubalaSakha were sitting here as tax collectors, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Radhika and Her friends, who were to pass this way carrying various articles of worship on the pretext of going to worshi...

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