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Govardhan temple

Govardhan Dham is very sacred to the Hindus and they pay their visit to this place to show their respect to Radha Ji and Lord Krishna who abounds in the Govardhan Hills. According to mythology, Lord Krishna lifted the hill (Giriraj Parvat) up to protect the villagers from flood.

Brijwale is a tour guide that provides a compact service to the pilgrims for Darshan. We assist you in Parikrama, which is one of the most important religious activities typical to the place. We set the Giriraj Parvat Parikrama marg for devotees so that they can fulfil their spiritual urges. We are well aware of the timings to visit the Temples.

Set on a Pilgrimage to the Famous Temples of The City with Us

Govardhan parikrama
Our package includes a visit to all the famous temples of the town including Parikrama. Here is a list of the famous temples of the place that includes both mandirs and holy kunds:

Our package list covers the entire Giriraj Parvat Parikrama marg of fourteen miles. We maintain proper timings so that you can attend the temples during the worship hour. We take care to see that devotees are recited the divine tales at the Temple.

Give us an opportunity to take you on a pilgrimage. We assure that you can keep all your concerns aside and devote yourself in the worship of God.

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Daan Ghati

Daan-ghati is situated in the middle of Goverdhan on the present-day road between Mathura and Kamyavan. Even today, a toll must be paid to pass through here. At the time of Krishna’s pastimes, Krishna became a toll collector and performed dan-lila, or a toll pastime, with the gopis through l...

Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar is on the right of the parikrama marg, about one-and-half miles south-west of Shree Radha-Kund. A forest of flowers was here full of varieties of trees, creepers and flowers like beli, cameli, juhi, yuthi, mallika and campak. Shreemati Radhika used to come here on the pretext of ...

Mansi Ganga

Driven by the gopis insistence that He atone for the sin of killing a bull(Vrsabhasur), Shree Krishna created Mansi-Ganga from His mind and became pure by bathing in its waters. According to a second story, once Shree Nand Maharaj, Shree Yashoda And the other gopas and gopis took Krishna an...

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Mukharvind Govardhan

On the northern bank of Mansi-Ganga is the lotus face(Mukharbind) of shreeGoverdhan. Goverdhan’s form is that of sitting cow. His hind part is puchari, pucharikalota. He has turned his neck to place his lotus face near his stomach, which is the town of goverdhan. His two eyes are Radha-kund an...

Punchari Ka Lautha Baba Temple

Punchri marks the southern border og Goverdhan. We have previously said that Goverdhan’s from resembles a cow, but it can also be likened to peacock. This part, Punchri, is raised high like the peacock’s tail (punch). Parikramma of Goverdhan eastern side is completed here, and from here pari...

Radhakund Shyam Kund Govardhan

Shri RadhaKund, which is said to be the holiest of holy place and the special scene of Radha and Krishna divine pastimes. Thousands of people come to RadhaKund to bathe in the two holy kunds (Radhakund&Shyamkund) and to light lamps which are placed all around them both. Source-SRI BRIJ MA...

Haridev Mandir Govardhan

Shree Haridev, the presiding deity of Giriraj-Goverdhan, is present on the southern bank of Mansi-Ganga. Shree Krishna took one form as Giridhari(the lifter of Goverdhan hill) and held His second form, Girirajji, on His palm. The pastime of lifting Goverdhan (goverdhan-dharan) will be described ...

Gaurav Hotel

Introduction- Gaurav Hotel, Goverdhan is located just 1 km from Goverdhan Bus Stand and 1.5 km from Dan Ghati Temple. Our room are neet and clean and in very good condition. we focus on customer satisfaction so our customer can enjoy thier trip to Brijdham. The property offers room service o...

Hotel Wingston Mathura

Introduction- The Wingston Hotel, Goverdhan is named after the Holy Hill "Goverdhan" also known as "Giriraj Ji", famous for 21 Kilometers religious procession of Lord Krishna deities, Daan-Ghati and Mukharbind temples. Wingston Goverdhan is a charming retreat in the sanctum of Lord Krishna, an ...

Shree Radha Vasundhara Resort and Spa

Introduction- Brij Vasundhara spread at the feet of the sacred Govardhan Parvat (Hill) redefines luxury in this divine land. Idyllically located at the basis of the pious Govardhan Parikrama, this spectacular resort brings you closer to the God. Amongst the exhilarating view of the panoramic G...

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