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Kesi Ghat Vrindavan

Kesi Ghat Vrindavan

If you want to witness a beauty of spirituality then we at Brijwale are your right companion for any Vrindavan trip. We let you get familiar with rituals and feasts that are enjoyed at a local level, so that you cherish every moment of being in the city. To experience an incredible beauty with spirituality one must visit the Yamuna ji at Kesi ghat in vrindavan.

Kesi ghat is situated on banks of Yamuna River and is associated with the many Leelas of Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna killed the demon Kesi on this bank of Yamuna and later took bath in the river. Devotees visit this place with great devotion and take bath in the river to seek Krishna‘s blessing and salvation.

Kesi ghat: Pious rituals that connect spirituality and divinity

Kesi ghat vrindavan is one of those peaceful places where Krishna performed childhood miracles. Vrindavan has witnessed many dreadful yet adorable activities of Lord Krishna and one can still feel Krishna’s essence in the sand of Vrindavan.  On this beautifully constructed ghat of Yamuna Lord Krishna fought with demon Kesi to save brajwasis from his bad deeds. The unimaginable fight between Lord Krishna and Kesi, who was in the form of demon horse was witnessed by this ghat, hence named Kesi ghat.

Lord Krishna has performed many leelas on the land of vrindavan to save brijwasis from king kansa barbarities and one such miraculous activity was performed on Kesi ghat. Krishna was saviour for his devotees. Pilgrims visit Kesi ghat in vrindavan and take bathe in river Yamuna to attain salvation and peace of mind. It is believed that taking holy bathe in the KC ghat Vrindavan, protects the devotees from the sins and miseries of life.

Brijwale provides you every minute detail about the places and rituals performed in the pious city of Vrindavan ad one such event is the Sandhya Arti at Kesi Ghat. When you are planning a visit to vrindavan all you need is to take a look at Brijwale and roam like a pro in vrindavan.

Beautiful arti of river Yamuna is performed every evening on Kesi ghat, vrindavan that entices the devotees from across the city as well. This mesmerizing ritual performed on the banks of River Yamuna will make you revere every moment of visiting the pious land.

Keshi ghat in vrindavan : Arti timings:

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