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Chakleshwer Mahadev

Daan Ghati

Amongst thousands of temples in Govardhan of Mathura region, one prominent temple is the Daan Ghati. The meaning of the word ‘Daan’ is ‘donation’ and ‘ghati’ refer to ‘valley’. There is a historical relevance behind the name of the temple Daan Ghati.

Once on the bank of Govind kund, Shri Bhaguri Rishi performed yagna to praise the deity, the cowherd boys and girls brought the offerings for the same. When Radha Rani brought her offerings from the other side Barsana, Shri krishna became a toll collector and obstructed her path and demanded ‘ toll tax’ to cross from there. From then the temple is known as Daan Ghati. This was done through loving quarrels and sarcasm popularly known as ‘leela’ by Shri Krishna. Even now people have to pay toll tax to cross this place.

Daan Ghati Temple Govardhan

The temple of Daan Ghati is in Govardhaṅ located between Mathura and Kamvana. Here the deity is in the form of a rock. The deity when dressed up by temple pujaris looks like Shri Krishna holding Govardhan parvat (hill) on his little finger.

The deity is said to be going degrading every year into the Earth by a few millimeters every year. Though there is no scientific proof, local people have been witnessing the changes that confirm the same. Besides sweets, the main offering to the deity is milk and milk products. On special occasions and festivals, the deity is offered ‘Chhappan bhog’ i.e. fifty six varieties of offerings.

Daan Ghati Govardhan

The location of the temple is also important in the way that the ‘parikrama marg‘ (the road that helps you take a full round of the Govardhan hill barefoot) starts from this temple. Therefore people usually perform a ritual called pooja to praise the deity and take blessings before starting the Parikrama of Giriraj ji or Govardhan hill. There are two parikrama roads in Goverdhan, out of which the larger one starts from this temple. Performing the Giriraj ji parikrama gives immense pleasure to every pilgrim performing the same.

The popularity of this temple is increasing day by day. The infrastructure of the temple is been changed seeing the crowd that comes to visit the temple. Now there are various eating joints and lodges to stay for the convenience of the visitors. On a daily basis, thousands and sometimes lakhs of pilgrims visit this holy place of Hindus and feel blessed by having a glimpse of their deity. Govardhan being a Hindu pilgrimage witness people from all places from India.

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