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Shahji Temple Vrindavan

Shahji Temple Vrindavan

Vrindavan, the pious abode of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani is a bouquet of mesmerizing temples that are centres of prime attraction across the world. One of the many temples is the Shahji temple which is beautiful and the most popular tourist attraction in Vrindavan. This temple was named Shahji because it was built by a merchant named “Shah Kundan Lal” of Lucknow in the year 1876. The marvellous building centred with the idol of Lord Radha-Krishna majorly attracts devotees from across the world.

Shahji Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The main deity Lord Krishna here is known as Chote Radha Raman because the idol here in the temple is small. Built in Italian marble, the spectacular structure of Shahji Mandir enthrals devotees from across the world, who look for aesthetics and spirituality in Vrindavan. Also known as “Tede Khambe wala” mandir due to its graceful unique spiral shaped pillars, Shahji Temple epitomises unique artistry of architectural splendour of the Dravidians. With each pillar 13 feet high and 35 inches in diameter, the temple stands on these peculiar structures amazing every tourist visiting the temple.

Shahji Temple: A blend of brilliance, beauty and blessedness

Shahji Temple is also known for its magnificently illuminated large hall called the “Basanti Kamra”. This room is opened only twice a year on the occasion of Basant Panchami. It is adorned with beautiful Belgium Glass, chandeliers and admirable paintings portraying the love life of Lord Krishna and Radha. The miraculous beauty of this divine room entices the devotees immensely. Another attraction of the temple is the gorgeous fountain centred in the huge compound of the temple.

Timings of Shahji Mandir

Mangla Aarti05:30am06:30 am
Morning Timings08:30 am – 12:30 pm08:30 am – 12:30 pm
Evening Timings04:30 pm – 08:30 pm05:30 pm – 07:30 pm

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