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Gokul Tours and Mahavan Holiday Packages


84 kos Braj Mandal Parikrama by vehicle) (6 days)

5 Days Daily 7 am to 7 pm by vehicle & 1 Day Local Vrindavan by rickshaw

Day 1:-Mathura, Madhuvan, Talvan, Kumudvan, Govardhan (Manasi Ganga, Govind Kund, Radha Kund, Kusum Sarovar), Bahulavan

Day 2:-Bhadirvan, Barsana (Sankhari or, MorKuti, Man Mandir, Dan Bihari, Kushal Bihari, Shreeji Mandir)
Prem Sarovar, Saket, Nandgram TerKadamb, Nand Bhavan, Pavan Sarovar, Vrinda Kund), kilavan, Javat

Day 3:-Garud Govind, Chaumuha, Sheshashayi, Ram Ghat, Bihar van. Akshayvat, Tapovan, ChiraGhat, Nanda Ghat

Day 4:-Akrur Ghat, Bhatrol, Bhadravan, an, Belvan, Man Sarovar, Raval, Passing through Lohavan, Maravan Dauji, Goku (Brahmand Ghat. Ukhal Bandhan, 84 Khamba, Raman Reti)

Day 5:-Adibadri, Kedar, KadambKhandi, Kamyavan Kameshwar Mahadeo, Bimal Kund, Madan Mohan Govind Deo & Vrinda Devi Phisalni Shila, Vyomasur Cave, Bhojan

Day 6:-Local vrindavan by rickshaw 12 noon & 4.30- 8 pm
Bankey Bihari Temple, Radha Ballabh Temple, Nidhivan, Radha Raman, Shahji Temple And Rangnath Temple.

Note:-Please Note that above tour package is for information purpose , locations and temples can be added or reduced due to traffic / festivals / temple timings accordingly. Before booking any tour package please discuss the detailed itinerary with us according to your requirement.


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GOKUL is situated about six miles east of Mathura. It is also called Brhadvan because it is the largest of all the forests. In fact this forest has three names:Mahavan Gokul and Brhadavan. The pastime places of Brhadavan, or Mahavan, there are twenty-one sacred places, which are saturated with good qualities. They include yamal-arjun-uddhar-sthal, Nand-kup, cintaharan-ghat, Brahmand-ghat, Sarasvat-kund, Saraswati-sila, Vishnu-kund, Karn-kup, Krishna-kund, Gopa-kup, Raman reti, Trnavart-badha-sthal, Putna badh-sthal, Nand bhawan, Raman-ghat, and Mathura ksetra.visiting Mathura ksetra dispels all one’s sins and brings about all auspiciousness.

Source- sri vraja mandala parikrama

Gokul, about 40 km away from Agra is a scenic are with lush green vegetation where Lord Krishna was secretly raised for a part of his childhood. You can opt for our Mahavan holiday packages to live in the forested life of the town surrounded by nature. Along with splendid tour packages to the city, you can find tourist information about Gokul and Mahavan on our website.

Book Brij 84 Kos Yatra, which is an integral part of Mathura tourism to learn about the life of Lord Krishna from our tourist guide. Avail the best deals for trip to the cities to enjoy rural country life is the arms of nature.

Tourist Information about Gokul and Mahavan


  • Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra is an integral part of Mathura tourism. This pilgrimage is performed for seven days as a ritual. Brij 84 kos yatra is a wonderful experience.
  • Radha Rani Braj Yatra is a yearly 84 Kos yatra that takes place among Braj Bhaktas. Brij 84 kos yatra is an enlightening experience by spending time with fellow pilgrims talking and learning about the teachings of Lord Krishna at the main holiday places in Gokul.
  • The tour includes sightseeing of the many historical places, temples and gardens in the Braj region, which are the main holiday spot in Gokul. Our tourist guide will share his knowledge about these religious locations and help you enrich yourself with the scenic beauty during your tour and travel package.

You can avail the best deals for trip to Mahavan and Gokul from us with amazing discounts. Book Brij 84 Kos Yatra and we will make your pilgrimage a successful one by ensuring that your experience is both relaxing and enlightening for you.

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