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Mathura Tour Packages

Holidaying in divine cities is an impressive way of spending time under the auspices of Lord. Mathura is one such divine city that not just offers heavenly pleasure but also is a perfect vacationing destination for spirituality. Mathura tour packages by Brijwale offers you more than one reason to enjoy the joyous divinity of the city at the touch of the mouse’s click.

Mathura Tours: Divine Vacations to cherish for life

Mathura is renowned as the birthplace of Lord Krishna and is one of the prominent devotional centers for Hindu pilgrims. Speckled with numerous temples and religious sites, Mathura is a must visit for devotees who love going on pilgrimage tours. Brijwale offers best deals on tour packages for Mathura, that are not just affordable but joyous too, hence making every trip to the pious land memorable.

Mathura Tourism: Experience the true spiritual salvation

Major Attractions of Mathura
Mathura is serene yet urbane. Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna every person visiting the city comes here to experience the enthralling divinity of Lord Krishna.  The Mathura tour packages offered by Brijwale includes visit to major attractions of the city in its itinerary. The 10 Best places to visit in Mathura included in the Mathura holiday packages are:

  1. Krishna Janm Sthan
  2. Dwarikadheesh Mandir
  3. Rangeshwar Mandir
  4. Bhuteshwar Mandir
  5. Vishram Ghat
  6. Holi Gate
  7. Birla Mandir
  8. Government Museum
  9. Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi
  10. Chamunda Mandir

Apart from visits to temples, Mathura is also a wonderful shopping hub for deity clothes and deity accessories. The tour packages Mathura offered by Brijwale takes you to major shopping places in Mathura to let you shop for your worship area to your heart’s content.

Places to Visit in Mathura

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Mathura faces extreme summer and winter weather conditions. Besides being extremely hot summers here are dry and arid. Winters are equally freezing and cold. Despite the extreme weather conditions, the city is thronged with tourists from across the world throughout the year. The best time though to visit the city is the months of October to April. The weather during these months is pleasant that lets you revere every moment in the city. Mathura Holidays are the most joyous when planned in spring and autumn season.

Festivals of Mathura

Janmashtami:  Mathura is known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Due to its inclination with Lord Krishna, Janmashtami is the prominent ritual of major attraction in the city. The auspiciousness of this festival is renowned across the world. During the festival, the city is flocked with lakhs of devotees that come here to just have a glimpse of the Lord on the auspicious occasion. For pilgrims who love to feel the tranquility of the pious festival, Brijwale accommodates blissful tours on the occasion of Janmashtami through its Mathura holiday packages.

Yama Dwitiya: Yam Dwitiya or Bhaiya dooj is another major attraction of the city that attracts tourists to the city. It is believed that on the occasion of Yam Dwitiya, taking a dip in the Yamuna river is considered auspicious for brothers and sisters. On this occasion, pilgrim duos of brother and sisters come to the city to enjoy moments of togetherness and unending love for each other.

Why only Brijwale?
Brijwale offers best deals on Mathura holiday packages to let you enjoy every moment in the city. As Lord Krishna’s blissful abode, Mathura offers never-ending spirituality to the devotees visiting the city. We at Brijwale intend to make your tours treasured, hence provide you with well accommodated Mathura tour package specific to your vacationing idea. The tourist information about Mathura provided on our site helps you plan holidays according to your pocket and planning. With us, as your tour planner, you are sure to enjoy every moment in the city!

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Mathura tour packages