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Jatipura Mathura

Jatipura Mathura
Jatipua is where Shree MadhavenderPuri lived and performed bhajan. When the deity of Shree Nathji manifested Himself, He was placed on top of Goverdhan Hill. MadhavenderPuri performed the abhishek and annakut festival of Shree Nathji here. After entrusting the worship and service of Shree Nathji to his desciples, MadhavenderPuri then went to puri-dham on the order of Shree Nathji, to bring sandalwood and camphor. When he arrived at Remuna, the deity of Gopinathji stole a pot of sweet-rice for him to taste. For this reason Gopinath is called Khir-chorGopinath, thief of the sweet rice. When MadhavenderPuri was returning from JagannathPuri with sandalwood and camohor, he received an order from Shree Nathji of Goverdhan in a dream. Shree Nathji told him that by grinding the sandalwood and chaphor, and smearing it on the body of khir-chorGopinath every day for one month, his own body would become cool. It is not know whether MadhavenderPuri returned to Goverdhan or not. His Samadhi lies in Remun near the temple of Khir-chorGopinath.


Jatipura Temple

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