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Pipleshwer Mahadev Mathura

Pipleshwer Mahadev Mathura

PipaleswerMahadev is situated near visramghat, in the eastern part of Mathurapuri, PipaleswerMahadev, one of the four area-protectors of Mathura, always protects the area of Mathura. Thereafter, one can take darshan of VeniMahadev, Rameswer, Dauji, Madan Mohan, Tinduk-tirth, Surya-ghat and Dhruv-tila. Then, on Sapt-rsitila one can have the sacred darshan of the seven sages: Arti, Marici, Kratu, Angira, Gautam, Vasisth and Pulasty. These seven sages(saptrsis) reside in Mathura-dham at this place, performing their worship of the Supreme Lord Shree Krishna.

Source – Sri Brij Mandala Parikrama & Internet

Pipaleswer Mahadev

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