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Potra Kund Mathura

Potra Kund Mathura

Mathura is home to many places associated with Lord Krishna’s childhood. Many places in the city are famously known amongst devotees, while there are many which despite being highly eminent are less known. One such place is the Potra kund, which is also known as the Pavitra kund as it purifies the soul.

Potra Kund holds immense significance in the hearts of Lord Krishna’s Devotees. It is believed that Devki and Vasudev used to wash their baby clothes in this Kund. The place was first known as Pavitra Kund but with the time it was pronounced as Potra Kund. Potra means clothes, thus the name was given Potra Kund to this place. Only an eternal devotee can understand the significance of this place. Maa Devki washed Krishna’s clothes in this Kund after his birth. This step-well is adjacent to Krishna Janam Bhumi and is enclosed in the locked railings.  Connected to the pious river Yamuna through underground pipelines, this kund is the most ancient places in the city.

Potra Kund: Pious place that purifies the soul

Potra kund is serving the devotees with benign faith since ancient times and it is this unending belief towards spirituality that keeps attracting tourists from across the country to the pious pond. Once a part of Kans prison, this beautiful and sacred Kund, is today the most important part of itinerary for the pilgrims visiting Mathura. This is the same prison where he kept Devki and Vasudev ji, the prison where Krishna was born. Potra Kund in Mathura is a sacred place and is believed to be the spot where one can leave his impurities and experience the devoutness of Krishna’s land. Due to the Kund’s association with Lord Krishna’s birth and the pure Yamuna river water here, the holy pond becomes all the more important for Krishna devotees.

The Brijwale experience:

Brijwale lets you delve into every pious place in the Braj region. For us Mathura is not just any tourist attraction, rather is a soulful place that lets you experience the magic of Lord himself. Potra Kund in Mathura is yet another place that truly defines the magic of the city. People from across the world come and experience the divinity and take home some very cherishing memories to treasure for life.  We as a team of guides are well aware of every part of Braj and hence intend to help you in the best of ways to let you enjoy every colour of Braj. As the reliable source of information for Mathura and Vrindavan, we ascertain that every moment spent by you in the city is joyous!

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