Nandgaon & Barsana Temples

Temples in Nandgaon

Braj region is worshipped for its association with Lord Krishna. Every part of this religious circuit shares a close affiliation with the almighty and his childhood activities. Nandgaon and Barsana, are the twin towns in Braj region that have kept alive the childhood memories of both Krishna and Radha Rani. The various temples in Nandgaon and Barsana are distinguished symbols of the childhood of both Krishna and Radha as these were the eminent centers of lords Leelas’ in his childhood. Brijwale offers information about the twin-towns and acquaints you with the famous temples in Barsana and Nandgaon effortlessly from the comforts of your home. 

Nandgaon Temples:

Nandgaon is located at 30 km from Mathura. According to the legends the town has been witness to the childhood of Lord Krishna. Most of the temples revolve around the foster parents Nand Baba and Yashoda’s love for their little Kanha. Temples in Nandgaon are symbols of unconditional love and faith. Every temple in the town symbolizes the mother-child relations between Yashoda and Krishna. One of the major attractions of the town is the Nandmahal mandir in Nandgaon that is believed to be the home of Lord Krishna and is located on the hill top here. Apart from this dwelling of Lord, there are many temples which behold in themselves the numerous stories of Lord’s childhood days.

Barsana Temple:

Barsana according to legends is the home of Radha Rani, the consort of Lord Krishna. Radha Rani was not just any consort of Krishna, according to legends she is the reason behind Krishna’s existence. For Brajwasis, Radha is the secret of Lord Krishna’s prowess and supremacy. Barsana is home to this divine prowess of the supreme almighty and is worshipped as one for being the prominent centers of Braj circuit. Temples in Barsana mainly worship Radha Rani and revere her very existence. The Shriji mandir in Barsana is the only temple in the town that attracts pilgrims from across the world. Located on a hill top here, one has to cross 108 steps to reach the destined temple in Barsana. People also perform the parikrama of this temple with an aim to attain salvation and which gets them a place in Radha Rani’s service. Apart from this there are many mandir in Barsana that serve the supreme prowess of the Lord.

Nandgaon Barsana temples: Cherishing the divine childhood of the Lord!

Brijwale is your ultimate information guide to the devout towns of Barsana and Nandgaon.  Known across the world majorly for the Holi played here, the twin towns Nandgaon Barsana are home to many other attractions, which you can find only on Brijwale. The Nandgaon Barsana temple list available with us lets you plan your tours according to major festivities and rituals in the twin-towns. With us as your dependable directory of the Braj circuit, you are sure to revere every moment spent in the magical lands of Nandgaon Barsana.

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