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Tour Packages Nandgaon and Barsana Tourist Places



Location Covered: Mathura, Vrindavan

Time: 2 Day Car and rickshaw tour

Tour Plan:

Day 1: Vrindavan

Place to visit in Vrindavan:- BankeBihari Temple, RadhaBallabh Temple, ISKCON Temple, PremMandir, Rangji Temple, Nidhivan, ShahjiMandir, Radha Raman Temple.

Day 2: Mathura

Place to visit in Mathura:-Krishna Janmabhumi Temple, Dwarikadhish Temple, Birla Mandir, Swami Ghat.

Note:-Please Note that above tour package is for information purpose , locations and temples can be added or reduced due to traffic / festivals / temple timings accordingly. Before booking any tour package please discuss the detailed itinerary with us according to your requirement.


Nandgaon and Barsana tours


BARSANA is the pastime place of Shree Krishna beloved Shreemati Radhika. Lying at the heart of this village is a multitude of the Divine Couple’s sweet and secret amorous pastimes, together with their transcendental moods and desires. The Vaisnava community reveres. This venerable land with its lakes, ponds, gardens and forest-such as Gahvaravan, sankari-khor and other pastime places-reminds one of Radha and Krishna’s different pastimes.

Source- sri vraja mandala parikrama

Nandgaon and Barsana are two small villages close to Vrindavan. Nandgaon is said to be Lord Krishna’s birthplace whereas Barsana is his beloved Radha’s birthplace. Your Mathura tourism would be incomplete without these two small villages of historical importance. Tours and travel packages for these two places has cropped up recently as a craze among youngsters, but there always has been a coveted main holiday spot in Barsana for elderly pilgrims.

We recommend you visit these places approximately a week before Holi as it is the time for Holi celebration in Barsana and Nandgaon. Book the best deals for trip to Nandgaon on our website. Moreover, you can find all important tourist information about Nandgaon and Barsana and Mathura tourism here!

Tourist Information about The Cities

  • The tradition is followed by men from Nandgaon visiting the main holiday spot in Barsana to celebrate Holi with the women. The men are met with beating from wooden sticks in a custom called ‘Laththmaar’.
  • The next day men and transgenders visit these cities dressed up as women to celebrate Holi with them. The celebrations take place at the temple courtyard with singing, dancing and feasting called ‘samaaj’.
  • These proceedings are worth being a part of atleast once in your life, so you should avail tour packages to Nandgaon during this season. Our tourist guide will instruct you on the way you should take part to uphold the customs of the locals when you go for our tour and travel packages.

Along with visiting the Barsana tourist places celebrating Holi with the locals is a must-do experience for all tourists. Book the best deals for trip to Nandgaon with us, and visit Barsana and Nandgaon to get a feel of authentic rural life and age old tradition during Holi season with our tourist guide.

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