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108 Red Chandan Japa Mala Online




Red sandalwood is used for treating digestive tract problems, fluid retention, and coughs, and for “blood
purification.” Red Sandalwood is the symbol of Brahma and blessed by Lakshmi. Rosaries of red Sandalwood are useful for propitiating the goddesses whereas of white are useful for the gods. Red sandal beads unfolds vibrant energy and gives bravery,strength and willpower.It is used in worship of Lord Ganesh and Devis. It is warming,improves circulation and protects from negative energy. It is also helpful for indigestion and fever. It attracts abundance and prosperity. It enlightens the super consciousness,provides improved concentration and mental structure changes specifically to renunciation from worldly affair. Recommended for Headache,Heart Diseases and Right Eye Defect.


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