Bhuteshwar Mahadev

Bhuteshwar Mahadev:  The Protector of Brajwasis

Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple in Mathura is the oldest temple in the city. The temple is located at the Bhuteshwar Crossroad which is about 3 km from the railway station of Mathura. This pious and divine temple reveres Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Lingam and is called Bhuteshwar as the deity here is believed to protect the Brajwasis from the demons.  Bhuteshwar Mahadev in Mathura is also called the Protector Lord of Mathura.

Shielding from the Evil:

According to the beliefs of people in Mathura, Bhuteshwar Mahadev shields the city from evil. It is a common belief in the city that the pious temple of Bhuteshwar was established to protect the city and its residents from the evil forces, hence the name Bhuteshwar. The temple is the most ancient temple of the city and is said to be established on the occasion of the establishment of the city itself. According to the legends, Mathura was established when Shatrughan killed the demon Madhu. After the demon’s assassination Shatrughan, the younger brother of Sri Ram established the city of Mathura. The Bhuteshwar Temple in Mathura is established since the same age.

Divine protection for pilgrims:

Pilgrims from across the world flock the divine temple to have the glimpse of Lord Shiva as Shiva Lingam.  Lord Shiva is believed to be the protector of Universe, and when it comes to protection of the pious city like Mathura the faith in the almighty reaches the peak. Bhuteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Mathura being the protector of the city is the most visited during the Shravan Maas, a Hindu month falling in July-August.  The temple, being the main center for worship of Shiva in the city is thronged not only by pilgrims from across the world but also by local resident devotees.  The magical spell of protection attracts the attention of every person visiting the city.

Bhuteshwar Temple Mathura:

Darshan Timing: –

  • Morning 05:00am To 01:00pm
  • Evening 04:30am To 10:30pm

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