Mathura Temples: Divine epitomes of spirituality

Mathura is known across the globe as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Many pilgrims visit this numinous center of mysticism to experience the divinity of Lord Krishna here. Home to numerous temples, every temple in Mathura is known for being a blissful center of devotion and faith for Krishna. Many pilgrims from across the globe visit this pious city and revere every moment spent in the city. Brijwale gives you a myriad of options to celebrate the endless devotion in Mathura through its online information on the city and tour packages of the divine city.

Treasured land of mysticism

The pious land of Mathura has been the eminent center of religion since time immemorial, due to its affiliation with Lord Krishna’s birth. According to the legends Mathura was ruled by Ugrasen and was an eminent center of trade in northern India. It was during the atrocities of Kansa, who forcefully took over the reign of the city and ruled the throne, that Lord Krishna was born. All the six sons before him were killed by Kansa. Being the eighth son of Devaki-Vasudev, Lord Krishna was taken to Gokul by his father Vasudev immediately after birth. Brought up by Yashoda and Nand baba as his foster parents, Krishna had after attaining adolescence killed Kansa in Mathura. Since then the city has been an important center of spirituality and religion. Many temples in Mathura have been built each extremely marvelous than the other. We at Brijwale, inform you about the various Mathura temples with intent to let you enjoy every part of the city to its maximum. With our information on festivities and rituals in the all the famous temples in Mathura you can plan your trip accordingly.

Mathura temples: Structures that enthrall

Every temple in Mathura makes you feel the presence of Lord Krishna and the tranquility of these temples entices you to visit them again and again. As magnificent centers of devotion, every temple in Mathura is flocked by pilgrims throughout the year.  The Mathura temples list in our online information includes all the prominent as well as unknown temples of the city. From Dwarikadheesh Mandir in Mathura to Janambhoomi and many more temples, we inform you about every part of the city just at the mouse’s click.