Vrinda Kund - Nandgaon

Vrinda Kund:

Nandgaon-Barsana are the twin towns in the Braj region that celebrate the delighting childhood of Radha Rani and Krishna. Every temple in these pious towns undeniably is an epitome of endless devotion for the supreme almighty. Be it the divine festivals or the rituals in these temples pilgrims visiting the divine premises thoroughly enjoy the company of spirituality entailing here. One of the many pious places is the Vrinda Kund in Nandgaon that worships the notorious pastimes of the deity.

Charming pond to cherish:    

Vrinda Kund is a small water body just one km away from Nandgaon. The holy kund is said to belong to Srimati Vrinda Devi. It is believed that Vrinda Devi is responsible for managing and arranging the daily pastimes of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna. Vrinda Devi along with Yogmaya Purnima Devi would make arrangements for the lovely meetings of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna. The kund is adjacent to the beautiful Vrinda Devi Temple in which the ever charming deity of Srimati Vrinda Devi is placed. Pilgrims witness a yellow color parrot at the left of the deity. It is believed that this parrot named Daksha flies to Vrindavan and recites all the things happening in Vrindavan to the deity.

Around five thousand years ago, when all the earthly pastimes of Shri Krishna were over, lord’s grandson Vajranabha placed idols of Lord Krishna all over the Mathura region. Likewise, Vajranabha placed the idol of Lord Krishna at the Vrinda Kund. With the passage of time, the whole city was covered with green foliage, hence resulting in the burial of many eminent places related to Lord Krishna. It was in the 15th century when the Braj region revived during the visit of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to the divine land. He and his disciples excavated the lost places of the Braj region and hence rediscovered the Braj-Vrindavan that we know today. Later during the Mughal rule, under the atrocities of some Mughal ruler, the temples and idols in the temples here were disfigured resulting in the disappearance of Sri Vrinda Kund from the human sight. The Vrinda Kund that the pilgrims visit today was established by Baba Madhav Das who spent the whole life in reviving the aesthetic pond for devotees across the world.

Aesthetic place to visit:

The divine kund is lined by beautiful flower gardens and trees that significantly add to the beauty of the place. Also known as the Tulsi, Vrinda Devi is believed to be the presiding goddess of Vrindavan and hence is worshipped here since the ancient times. It is believed that no visit to the Braj dham is complete without the visit to this pious temple.  The beautiful stone carved temple in the woods is the abode of goddess Vrinda. Lying between the two kunds, Gupt and Vrinda Kund the exquisite Vrinda Devi Temple is also said to be the cultural heritage of the Mathura region. 

Visit timings:-

Morning: 6:00 AM to Evening 8:00 PM

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