Poonchhari Ka Lautha

Poonchhari Ka Lautha: An epitome of endless devotion

Poonchhari Ka Lautha Baba temple falls in the area of Govardhan in Rajasthan. It is a renowned temple just on the main Parikrama road, where the circumambulation is done by devotees. Govardhan can be easily accessed from Mathura which is 20 km from the city. It is dedicated to one of Lord Krishna’s cowherd friends named Lota Baba , the deity here is in lying position and not in the standing or sitting position. 

Goverdhan is said to be in the form of sitting cow. His hind part is puchari, Poonchari Ka Lautha. The literal meaning of punchari is tail. Puṅchari village is seen as the tail of the cow. Here the Goverdhan hill shrinks and devotees see it as the tail of the cow.  Pooṅchhari Ka Lautha is also worshiped by the devotees of Hanuman also. Lota Baba is said to be an incarnation of Hanumana. Hanumana wanted to participate in pastimes of Krishna and became a friend of him in Dwapar yug. 

Story behind the temple:

There are few stories stating the relevance and importance of temple. Once Lota baba, being friend of Shri Krishna was playing hide and seek and it was Krishna’s turn to seek for his friend. Lota baba hid him-self in the puṅchari. Krishna set off to find his friend but in the way he was called by his cowherd friends to play with them. Krishna got so absorbed in his play with his cowherd friends that he forgot that Lota baba might be waiting for him.  Lota baba paid his devotional service to the Lord in the mood of separation and waited for him for his entire life. 

The other version of the story behind Pooṅchhari Ka Lautha states that once Shri Krishna and his brother Balarama decided to come to Goverdhan and play with their friend Lota Baba. On the same day, they were taken by Akrura, a minister in Kansa kingdom in Mathura. Krishna then relieved Akrura and other residents of Mathura by killing his demon maternal uncle Kamsa. Lota baba waited for Krishna in puṅchari thinking that the Lord will come to play. He waited for days, weeks and years but the Lord did not return. Lota baba spent his remaining life waiting for his Lord. 

Revere devotion:

The devotees who perform Parikrama, or circumambulation of the most sacred Goverdhan hill make it sure that they get darshana of the deity at Poonchhari Ka Lautha Temple and it is believed that Lota baba strengthens the devotees to complete the parikrama which is 21 km long.

Lauta Baba waited for the Lord for his entire life. It is also believed by the locals that Lota Baba in his eternal form as Hanumana might be waiting there for Lord Krishna.

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