Gokarn Nath Mahadev

Gokarn Nath Mahadev: Witness the ancient Braj here!

Gokarn Nath Mahadev is one of the oldest temples of Mathura. One can even find the mention of this temple in the holy book Bhagvat Gita. Gokarn Nath Mandir in Mathura is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the deity here is also known as the protector of the city. The temple is in the northernmost part of the city and it is believed that the Mahadev here is in charge for the security of this land of Lord Krishna. The temple has a Shiva linga along with a deity of Gokarn which is of 4 feet in height. Gokarn Nath temple is one of the most prominent temples of Mathura and is one of the four essential Mahadeva temples of Mathura. The temple is just 4.5 km away from railway station and is easily accessible.


According to legends, Atmadev and Dhundhli could not have child thus Atmadev approached one saint to bless them with a baby. Saint gave him a fruit and told to feed the same to his wife. His wife was an atheist and instead of eating it she fed that fruit to a cow. Later, the cow gave birth to a child with a human body and ears of a cow. Due to his peculiar cow-like ears, the child was named Gokarn, which meant a child with ears (Karn) like a cow (Go). This child later became a great sage who unconditionally worshipped the Lord. It was the faith of this sage in Lord Shiva that led to the construction of Gokarn Nath temple in Mathura, as the Shiva lingam established here is the one established by Gokarna himself, thus the name Gokarna Mahadev. This temple is famous among the locals and is worshipped by thousands of devotees every year.

Festivities at its best:

There are many festivals which are celebrated with joy and zeal every year but few festivals need a special mention as these are the ones when the Gokarn Nath Mahadev mandir is maximally occupied by pilgrims. Festivals like Akshaya Tritiya, Maha Shivratri and Holi have their own importance and are the ones that attract pilgrims in thousands. It is a known fact that the most famous celebration of Lord Shiva is done in the holy month Shravan, and Gokarna Mahadev is no different. In the Shravan month, pilgrims visit the temple just to have the glimpse of Mahadev here. Since the month is especially dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm amongst pilgrims. If you are Shiva devotee then this temple will definitely give you an experience which you will cherish for life. 

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