Rang Nath Ji Temple

Shri Rang Nath Ji Temple Vrindavan:

Vrindavan has always been a prime center of devotion and faith due to its affiliation with Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. The spell of this pious land has since time immemorial inspired devotees to build temples on the land. Shri Rangnath Ji Temple in Vrindavan is an epitome of this unending faith that intends at attaining salvation. Built by Seth Lakshmi Chand from the south India under the auspices of his spiritual guru, Shri Rang deshik Swami, this magnanimous center of divinity till date stands adamant on its rituals and traditions of devotion.

Shri Rang Nath Ji Temple is inspired from the Shri Rangam of Tamil Nadu. It is a known fact that devotion in the southern India is a blend of firm services and affection towards the almighty, and Shri Rang Nath Ji Temple keeps that stringent service system of South alive in the North India. It may not be wrong to say that Shri Rang Nath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan is Shri Rangam of the North that follows rituals of serving the almighty with similar perseverance. Very few people might know that the Seva system of Rang Nath Ji Mandir is the most determined and dedicated one that seldom compromises on rules. It is this dedication towards the services that makes this magnificent temple a prime center of attraction for tourists. Pilgrims from across the globe are spell-bound by the amazing architecture and built-up of the temple. Every corner of this fabulous temple impresses not just due to the brilliant architecture but also due to the blessedness prevailing in the ambiance of the temple.

Rang Nath Ji Mandir: Enlivening the south culture in Northern India

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