Nidhivan Temple

Nidhivan: A devout orchard of mystery and myths

Vrindavan is witness to the childhood of Lord Krishna and hence has many places where the lord himself has performed many playful acts. Nidhivan in Vrindavan is one such temple which has seen the notorious acts of the Lord himself. This beautiful orchard of Tulsi in Vrindavan is a pious destination that draws attention of many devotees due to the many mysteries associated with it. As the name signifies, Nidihivan implies to a treasured (Nidhi) forest (van). True to its name, this pious place is home to many rare species of plants that keep the premises flocked with devout atmosphere. According to the legends, every plant in the Nidhivan Temple is the disguised Gopi who had participated in the Maha Raas with Lord Krishna.

The mysterious Nidhivan Temple in Vrindavan, is the place which witnessed the dance of Lord Krishna called the Raas Leela. Devotees and local people still believe that Lord Krishna visits this place every night and performs Raas Leela with the Gopis and Radha Rani. Due to this belief, the doors of Nidhivan Temple are closed in the night, after the evening aarti even for priests and workers of the temple. The folklores have it that Nidhivan Mandir is the place of privacy for Lord, and hence should be left alien in the night. The pious place becomes vacant so much so that the animals and birds seen during the daytime leave the place after the evening. Nidhivan Temple also has a Kunj in it, in which the divine Lord Krishna and Radha Rani rest after performing “Maha Raas”.  

The Rang Mahal inside the Nidhivan Mandir is also a place of prime attraction. The pious room is facilitated with all the essentials of Shringar, as it is believed that Sri Radha Rani and Lord Krishna reside in the room even today. The Nidhivan temple in Vrindavan Forest is a holy place that celebrates the Lords presence even today.

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Every day: 05:00 am to Evening 07:00 pm

Note: The premises close in summers during 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm