Govind Dev Ji Temple

Govind Dev Temple: A milieu of Magnificence and mysticism

Vrindavan is home to numerous temples that have been standing tough against the test of times, and one such temple is the Radha Govind Dev Temple. As one of the must visit places the Radha Govind Temple of Vrindavan is a magnificent epitome of architectural splendor and devotion. This ancient temple was built beautifully and constructed with full devotion towards the Lord Radha Govind Ji and is a perfect treat for one’s eyes. The spiritual ambience of the temple lets you feel the omnipresent supreme power instantly.

Govind Dev Temple of Vrindavan is known for its amazingly constructed building. This impressive building was constructed by Raja Man Singh of Amer in 1590 at the cost of 10 million rupees. At that time it was seven storey’s temple and was constructed with the combination of Hindu, Western and Muslim architectural patterns.

This well-planned constructed building of Govind Dev Temple was plundered by Aurangzeb in 1670 and left it with only three storeyed building that we see even today. After the invasion of Aurangzeb, the ancient idol of the temple was shifted to Govind Dev temple in Jaipur.  Radha Govind Temple, Vrindavan is a treat to watch for pilgrims and one has to climb few stairs as it is situated on raised plinth.

Govind Dev Temple of Vrindavan has impressed pilgrims with its mesmerizing architecture and being an ancient temple with modern design this temple stands out  of other temples of that time. This majestically well constructed temple is a perfect place for devotion and every pilgrim visiting the temple gets the glimpse of magical Lord Krishna with thorough tranquility.

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Govind Dev Temple Timings:

Morning: 04:30 am to 12:15 pm

Evening: 05:30 pm to 09:15 pm

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