Goda Vihar Temple

Goda Vihar Mandir: The prime center of Hindu culture and devotion

If you are planning to visit a place where you can understand the whole concept of Hinduism then Goda Vihar Mandir of Vrindavan is the right place to visit. Located in the pious region of Gyan Gudari, Goda Vihar Mandir is one of the most beautifully constructed temples that takes you on the tour of Vaikuntha, the divine dwelling of Lord Vishnu. This heavenly place of Vrindavan is a must visit place with kids and family as it acquaints you about the diversity of Hindu Sanskriti. Every room in this temple is a milestone of Hindu beliefs and faith.

Goda Vihar Mandir in Vrindavan is based on the 5th chapter of Shri Mad Bhagwat Mahapuran the holy book of the Hindus. The architecture of this blissful center of Hinduism is designed to signify the journey to heaven and stages one has to pass through to attain the mighty feet of Lord Laxminarayan. This temple is also renowned for having the largest idol of Lord Laxminarayan in Vrindavan. Apart from the huge idol, what keeps the temples flocked with devotees is a large number of sculpted idols in the premises. There are approximately 200 idols that include the various sages, gods and goddesses, and the various spiritual leaders (Gurus) from the Hindu religion.

Goda Vihar Temple in Vrindavan is a spectacular temple that is a colorful canvas of Vaishnav beliefs and devotions. The ambiance prevailing in the temple enthralls every devotee visiting the temple, while the numerous idols of deities inform you about the various generations in the Hindu chronology.

Brijwale takes you to the virtual tour of every temple in Vrindavan which in some way or the other holds great significance in Hindu culture. Goda Vihar Temple is believed to be an epicenter of equality and secularism since it has idols from every religion, faith, and caste. Be it the Jains or the Buddhists and Sikhs, the temple has gurus from every religion thus resonating the true spirit of Hinduism.

Made with the intention to support every religion with equality Goda Vihar in Vrindavan is a must visit temple not just for devotees but for enthusiasts as well. 

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