Daan Garh - Barsana

Barsana is home to three very delighting destinations, the Vilas Garh, Maan Garh and Dhaan Garh which in their own ways revere the pleasant pastimes of the Supreme almighty Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Brijwale lets you take on the tour of these joyous destinations, so that you have memorable holidays in the soul-soothing Braj Region.

The notorious pastimes of Radha Rani and Krishna in the Braj region fascinate the pilgrims across the globe. It is these naughty childhood acts that attract pilgrims to the temples of Braj region. Other than Mathura-Vrindavan, other places like Nandgaon-Barsana also are the main places of interests for pilgrims. Amidst the beautiful hills lie Daan Garh, Maan Garh and Vilas Garh in Barsana that appeals both pilgrims and travel enthusiasts to the divine city.

Satisfy your spiritual instinct:

Located to the north-west of Mathura is the beautiful village ensconced in two hills namely Vishnu hill and Brahma hill. These hills rise adjacent to each other and house many temples dating centuries back. There are three prominent places on these hills: Daan Garh, Maan Garh and Vilas Garh. These beautiful places have witnessed many childhood moments and pastimes of Shri Radha along with Shri Krishna. Not only do these places have the luck to cherish the divine childhood of the lords but are decorated by numerous temples arched with glorious domes and reminiscent murals and paintings of Radha-Krishna. 

Daan Garh:

Daangarh is a very popular site for the pilgrims visiting Barsana. This divine place is on the top of Brahma hill. It was the playground of the eternal consort of Shri Krishna. Shri Radha used to play here with her friends. This beautiful and divine place holds its name due to an incident that happened between Shri Radha and Shri Krishna during their childhood pastimes. 

According to the legends, Shri Krishna along with his friends became a tax collector and sat on the way and eagerly waited for Radha Rani to arrive.  It was Shri Radha’s route to go to worship Sun God. Radha Rani used to take various fruits, sweets and garlands as offering to the Sun God. On her arrival, Shri Krishna asked Shri Radha to pay tax. He obstructed her way and asked for tax. On this, Shri Radha did not pay a heed and fearlessly went ahead. Krishna again obstructed the path and rebuked Shri Radha by telling that he has been appointed by the king of the state as the tax collector. On this, Shri Radha’s best friend Vishakha replied firmly that Shri Radha herself is the daughter of the king and she need not pay any tax and how could he become the tax collector without Shri Radha’s permission and warned Shri Krishna that he may be punished for this offense. On this Shri Krishna said that Kandarpdev is the king of this place and you have to pay taxes for whatever you take from here. To this, Vishakha smilingly replied that your king Kandarpdevas pride has already been shattered into pieces by the arrow. This constant joking and laughter went on and Shri Radha being in upfront crossed the way. Due to the donation in lieu of tax asked by Krishna, the temple here is called Daan Mandir. 

Maan Garh:

Located on the peak of Brahma hill the Maan garh is said to be the place where Lord Krishna adroitly broke the petulance of Radha Rani. According to the legends, Krishna had to meet Radha Rani, the message of which he sent to the latter through Subala, his childhood friend. At the destined time Radha Rani had already reached the place of meeting while Krishna was diverted to meet Chandravali, by Padma, one of the Gopis. Since Krishna couldn’t make it on time, Radha Rani decided to not to talk to Krishna for his rude behavior. On knowing this Krishna instead of losing hope, disguised as a new sakhi and approached Radha Rani. This new Sakhi sang to appease Radha Rani In lieu of which Radha Rani embraced her. As soon as the two embraced each other, the Maan of Radha Rani was shattered. Since then the place is called Maan Garh. Pilgrims visiting the place enjoy the soul-wrenching spirituality and landscapes around the Maan Garh temple in Barsana.

Vilas Garh:

Located on the Vishnu Hill, Vilas Garh in Barsana is yet another place of attraction for pilgrims that celebrates the notorious pastimes of Radha-Krishna. Vilas literally means amusement and as the name connotes, it is believed that Radha Rani and Lord Krishna had spent moments of Vilas in this pious place. One of the stories about Vilas Garh says that Radha Rani used to spend leisurely hours in the Braj Raj of this place. Once Lord Krishna mischievously entered the place and hugged the divine consort Radha Rani. From then this place is known as the Vilas Garh. Pilgrim visit Vilas Garh to experience the love-filled pastimes of the divine dyads Radha-Krishna and take home the memory of magical moments spent here.

Temple Timing:-

Morning: 05:00 am to 12:00 pm | Afternoon: 02:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Morning: 05:30 am to 12:00 pm | Afternoon: 02:00 pm to 08:30 pm

 Divine experience of Barsana:

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