Tatiya Sthan

Tatiya Sthan Vrindavan:

Amidst the many temples flocked with superlative technologies is this numinous epitome of simplicity known as the Tatiyasthan in Vrindavan where technology is a farfetched prospect, and this is what makes this divine place different from the crowd. Tatiya sthan in Vrindavan is famous because it is the place where candles are lit after sunset. Every part of this temple takes you to the era when there was no name of technology. Forget about CCTV cameras, the place is alien to electricity and one can hardly find a bulb in the premises. The reason behind this divine place being so is the belief of choosing godliness over the unnatural means.

Tatiya Sthan was the meditation point of Lalit Kishori the seventh follower Haridas ji. Haridas ji used to meditate in Nidhivan and the same ritual was followed by his followers. Lalit Kishori left Nidhivan and meditated here as the place was secluded from the other parts of Vrindavan and was closest to the banks of River Yamuna.  Later the divine place was fenced with bamboo giving this place the name Tatiya sthan, as bamboo in Hindi means Tatiya.

Tatiya Sthan: Where simplicity meets divinity

Tatiya sthan in Vrindavan is the only place in Vrindavan that connects devotees with nature. The place is home to many trees that entwine divinity of some sort, that can be felt in the ambiance of the place. Since there is no electricity the place goes dark after sunset. The divine place is centered with the idol known as Mohini Bihari that reveres the captivating glimpse of Lord Krishna. Radha Ashtami is the most famous festival celebrated in Tatiya Sthan that attracts devotees from every corner of the country. On this festival, the temple is flocked with devotees who want to have a glimpse of Swami Haridas Ji’s pious slippers and utensils.

Tatiya Sthan in Vrindavan is one place that connects you to nature. Amidst the urbanization of Vrindavan, this divine place is the only one left secluded, thanks to the ritual followed by the priests of this heavenly place.

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