Lala Babu Temple

Lala Babu Temple: Mystical center of attraction

Lala Babu Temple in Vrindavan is one of the few temples in the city that illustrate the zeal of a devotee towards the services of Lord Krishna. This temple is the result of unending devotion in the lord and is an epitome of faith in the pious land.

Vrindavan is said to be the land of salvation and it is believed that constructing temples in the city eases the path of salvation. With the same intention, a trader named Krishna Chandra from Kolkata built this temple. Since the trader was known as Lala Babu himself, the temple also came to be known with the trader’s name. If the legends are to be believed, Vrindavan is a destination where Lord Krishna is the sole ruler. Whatever happens here is on the commands of the almighty. The region is destiny based and everything that happens here is planned by destiny. Lala Babu temple in Vrindavan is the fruit of the same destiny which brought this trader to Vrindavan.  A beautiful structure in itself, the Lala Babu Mandir is very famous amongst the devotees from Bengal. Built during the British reign, the Lala Babu Temple is surrounded by huge stone wall and a vaulted gateway on both ends of temple. The temple building is 60feet long and is centered with the deity of Radha Krishna that enhances the beauty of temple.

The Lala Babu Temple is an ancient temple that beholds immense devoutness in itself. Devotees visiting the temple revere the tranquility in the temple. Lala Babu Mandir is also popular amongst the local residents as it is believed that the Lord residing in the temple fulfills all the wishes of every devotee visiting this temple.

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 Timings of Lala Babu: