Shringar Vat Temple

Shringar Vat Temple Vrindavan:

Shringar Vat temple is located near the Kesi ghat on the banks of river Yamuna. This pious place is a tranquil destination that reveres the love and devotion of Lord Krishna and Radha rani towards each other. Vrindavan is believed to be a devout destination that is associated with the childhood of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Every corner of the pious forest bespeaks the playful acts of the supreme almighty and Shringar Vat temple in Vrindavan is yet another major tourist destination that worships the might togetherness of the divine couple.

The Shringar Vat Temple is believed to be the place where Shri Krishna embellished Radha Rani after the arduous Raas Leela. According to the legends the Raas Leela is believed to be the divine dance which Lord Krishna performed with the Gopis. After the laborious dancing feat, when Lord Krishna was busy dancing with the Gopis, Radha Rani felt neglected and hence left the Raas Leela amidst, without completing it. When Lord Krishna found her missing, he came looking for her here in Shringar Vat mandir. She was all exhausted and gloomy, which made Krishna concerned about her. Lord Krishna then helped her reconcile her physical state by redecorating her with flowers. The Shringar Vat Mandir, Vrindavan worships this divine love between the two, which can be instantly felt here. The serene place lets the devotees experience the bliss of the love between the divine couple even today.

Shringar Vat Vrindavan

Apart from being the heavenly abode of lord Radha Rani and Krishna, Shringar Vat Mandir Vrindavan is also famous for being the meditation point of Nityananda Prabhu. The place once had a huge Banyan tree which commemorated the meditation of Nityananda Mahaprabhu, which now has been left with a stump. The holy spot of meditation today is covered by new trees, that offer shade to the pious spot.

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Timings of Shringar Vat:

Morning 06:00 am to 06:00 pm