Gokul and Mahavan Temples: Divine epitomes of spirituality

Gokul and Mahavan are also sacred to the Hindus as it is believed that Lord Krishna spent some years of his childhood and early adulthood here. There are so many mythological stories about the deeds of Lord Krishna attached to these places that devotees get absorbed in His greatness.

Brijwale takes you through all the famous temples in the cities to help you realise the seamless contribution of Lord Krishna in the deliverance of evil from the world of humans. The Gokul and Mahavan temples reverberate with the immense power of Lord Krishna that you can perceive through us.

A Quick Look at the Gokul and Mahavan Mandir Darshans that we provide

We can proudly declare ourselves as a tourist guide that holds the essence of temples in their true spirit. We plan your visit to the temples according to the correct timings so that you can dip yourself in the religious fervour. List of temples and sites included in our package are:

  • Brahmad GhatThe place where Yashoda saw the entire universe in the mouth of Bal Krishna.
  • Chintaharan GhatThe place where Yashoda prayed for the safety of Krishna.
  • Nand Bhawan It is the place where Lord Krishna and Yogmaya Devi were born as twins.
  • Ram Reti Gokul It is the sand on which Krishna played with His friends during His childhood.
  • Shree Thakurani Ghat In this ghat, Shree Vallabhacharya received the Darshan of Shree Yamuna Maharani.

These are the famous ghats and temples of the cities. Our service in respect of Gokul and Mahavan temples visits revolves around this list. We set timings according to the change in summer and winter Darshan times.

We implore you to plan for the pilgrimage to these towns with us. We help you to rediscover the spirituality associated with these places.