Katyayni Devi Siddhpeeth

Katyayni Devi Siddhpeeth, Vrindavan:

Katyayni Temple in Vrindavan is one of the 52 Shakti Peeths of India. According to the Shiva Mahapuran, Katyayni Peeth is the place where Goddess Sati’s hair fell after the devastating event of her suicide in the holy bonfire at her father Daksha’s place. The pious legend describes the incident as follows: Daksha Prajapati had organized a holy yajna at his palace. He purposely ignored inviting Sati and her husband, Lord Shiva. When Sati, daughter of Daksha Prajapati came to know about the event, she went to her father’s place uninvited. Her father by ignoring her presence insulted her which provoked the goddess Sati to jump into the piuos Yajna. This enraged Shiva. On knowing about the suicide of his loving wife, Lord Shiva went to the event to gather the dead body of Sati. In his moment of fury and on the way back to Kailash, the hair of Goddess Sati fell in Vrindavan, which came to be known as the Katyayni Peeth.

Katyayani Peeth: Divine abode of Mother goddess

Katyayni Peeth in Vrindavan is visited by devotees who have an austere devotion in Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations. Goddess Durga is the epitome of power and Maa Katayayni is her sixth incarnation. Katyayni temple also has an affiliation with Krishna leelas.  Being a part of Vrindavan, it is obvious that no part remains untouched from the magic of Krishna. According to Sri Mad Bhagwat Mahapuran, The Gopis of Vrindavan also worshipped Maa Katyayani as they wished to espouse Lord Krishna as their consort. It was the blessings of Maa that Lord Krishna. Till date, the unmarried girls in Vrindavan pay visits to the temple and put forth wishes regarding espousal and happy married life.

The Katyayni Mandir in Vrindavan is a famous destination not only for its divine ambiance but also because of the many services that take place on the premises. From the performance of holy yajna’s to unending feasts for poor, the temple as one of the Shakti Peeth is flocked by devotees throughout the year.

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