Nandgaon and Barsana Temples: Divine epitomes of spirituality

Nand bhavan

Krishna and his childhood pastimes amuse every pilgrim, and this amusement towards the supreme almighty brings the pilgrims to his own abode the Braj Dham. Every part of this region narrates a different character of Lord Krishna. From Mathura to Nandgaon-Barsana, the affiliation of Kanha’s childhood with these cities makes them a privileged destination of pilgrimage tours. Nandgaon is said to be the place where lord Kanha sort refuge from the cruelties of Kansa.

Residence of the Lord

Nand Bhavan was the residence of Shri Krishna’s foster father Nand Maharaj in Nandgaon. Located at 30 km from Mathura, Nandgaon is located to the south adjacent to the Nandiswar hill. Nand Bhawan is nestled on a mountain peak verdant with green foliage all around. The rolling mountains at the backdrop make this place more spectacular. 

Mesmeric structure of devotion:

Visiting Nand Bhavan in Braj is like revisiting the infancy of Lord Krishna. The opulence of Nand Bhawan can be judged by its sprawling vast complex. The premises are huge and few ascending stairs lead to its entrance. Nand Bhawan is wealthy in its manifestation. The wide open spaces around the palace bring the yester-world real to the eyes. There are fascinating rooms exclusively allotted to everyone including father Nand baba, mother Yashoda, mother Rohini, Shri Krishna, Baldev, Shri Radha and their allies. The residence is extensive as it had a kitchen, dining hall, restrooms, storerooms etc. The mythical place is wrapped up with stories from the spiritually significant era.

Besides splendid and spacious rooms, pilgrims here are allured by the red sandstone temple of Nand Maharaja. This magnificent 19th-century temple is the major attraction for pilgrims. The ceilings of the temple are flooded with beautiful paintings and the walls are decorated with the scenes from the spiritually significant era. The murals and paintings seem so real that they bring the episodic scenes back to life that were once played in this palace for real. The temple has the idols of the deities Nand baba, mother Yashoda, Shri Krishna, brother Balarama, beloved Shri Radha and other family members. The enshrined deities are worshipped by the locals daily with faith. 
Childhood memories that come alive:

Nand Bhawan beholds various stories of Lord’s childhood and youth days with his brother Baladeva. It is believed that Shri Radha used to come here on loving requests of mother Yashoda. With great delight, she used to prepare tasty dishes for Shri Krishna. Krishna would then eat the food with his friends in the dining hall of and Bhawan and take rest in the bedrooms.  Nand Bhavan is a major site for Hindu pilgrims. Devotees come here from all around the world and soak themselves in the timeless power and get connected to the spiritual world.

Timings to visit:

Mangl Aarti- 05:00am

Morning: 05:00 am to 02:00 pm Afternoon: 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Manglaarti- 06:00am

Morning: 06:00 am to 02:00 pm Afternoon: 04:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Dual role of guide and tour planner:

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