Kaliya Dah Temple

Kaliya Dah Temple, Vrindavan:

Vrindavan is the land where, Lord Krishna performed many playful acts. Also known as the Leela Sthali of the Lord, this place has witnessed the adorable childhood of the lord that seem to appeal the devotees even today. One such place that entices pilgrims is the Kaliya Ghat. Also known as the Kaliya Dahan ghat this is the place which saw the Lord Krishna dancing on the tunes of love for his devotees. Kaliya Ghat in Vrindavan is amongst the many places in the city which let you feel the feats of Lord himself and Brijwale helps you enjoy every bit of it!

Kaliya Dahan is the place where lord Krishna subdues the negative energy of an individual. According to the legends, Lord blesses only those who are self-less and not shackled in self- esteem. Kaliya Dah in Vrindavan is the place where you leave your self-image and submit yourself in the lord’s feet. An ultimate place to visit in Vrindavan, this pious place is the epitome of the Lord Krishna’s way of protecting his loved one’s without harming anyone. In this place, Krishna in his childhood hauled out all the anguish and self-image of a poisonous serpent Kaliya Naag.

The story behind Kaliya Ghat:

According to the legends, Garuda had abandoned the entry of the poisonous Kaliya Naag in the Pacific Ocean. Due to this, he settled in the pious Yamuna river, to find solace from the atrocities of Garuda. His poison was polluting the river which was harming the people of Vrindavan. Shri Krishna with an intention to save his loved one’s ordered Kaliya Naag to leave the Yamuna. When the poisonous snake did not follow his orders, Lord Krishna fiercely fought with him. This fight ended with the Lord dancing on the serpent’s venomous head. With every step Lord Krishna danced on the serpents head, his pride and self-image were vanishing. At the end when the serpent became selfless, lord Krishna guided him towards the ocean assuring him that Garuda won’t trouble him due the feet of Lord embarked on his head. Kaliya Dah, Vrindavan is that place where Krishna wheedled out all the anguish from Kaliya Naag.

We at Brijwale know that knowing a place well before planning a trip helps in making a trip cherishing. With the same intention, we inform you about such places in the Braj Bhoomi that need to be explored to experience the bliss of Lord Krishna. When you plan a visit to Vrindavan, it is essential that you visit every such place that has been an onlooker to the feats and plays of Krishna, Kaliya Ghat is one such famous place in Vrindavan. Brijwale, helps you to plan a visit to the holy region of Vrindavan so that you revere every corner of it.