Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi

Gayatri Tapobhoomi: Experience the heavenly bliss in Mathura

Mathura beholds in its divine stories of Lord Krishna. The city’s association with the supreme almighty makes it a wonderful place for temples. For Lord Krishna the whole universe in one family that is bound by love, respect and devotion. Gayatri Tapobhoomi temple is one of the many temples in Mathura but what makes it different from the rest is its ideology behind spirituality. Based on the philosophy of “Vasudev Kutumbham” meaning the Universe is one big family, this temple truly idolizes Lord Krishna’s theory of oneness.

India’s Largest Religious family:

The Gayatri Tapobhoomi temple is a place of India’s largest religious family ‘The Gayatri Parivar’. The Huge and spell bounding yagyashala is constructed in the premises where ‘Akhand Agni’was lighted. The flame was lighted from a 700-year-old sacred fire source and is believed to be ignited by a sacred saint. The beautiful deity of Gayatri Mata enhances the charm of the temple. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra in the mornings is a well-accepted ritual amongst the Hindus. The heavenly bliss of Gayatri Mantra is known to all the followers of Hindu religion, and this temple brings you face to face with the same divinity.

A wonderful place for meditation:

The Gayatri Tapobhoomi is the place where people experience immense peace and tranquillity. It is the place where Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya also known as Gurudev completed recitation of 2 lakh 40 thousand Gayatri Mantras per year also known as 24 Gayatri Mahapurascharan. The serene ambiance of the temple is perfect for peaceful meditation and devotees visiting the temple find the premises of the temple a pure bliss. Apart from facilitating the individuals with spiritual upliftment, Gayatri Tapobhoomi Temple helps in improving physical health as well.  The temple is the living epitome of “healthy mind gives healthy body” philosophy.

Brijwale blissful experience:

At, we suggest you to visit this temple once and experience the divinity at its peak. Gayatri Tapobhoomi mandir offers many social services and other facilities on the land of Lord Krishna such as housing solution, Literature printing press, social welfare camps and other sacred practices. The celebration of festivals, yagya and other spiritual puja performed in Gayatri Tapobhoomi temple are performed with rituals and emotions.

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