Haridev Mandir

Shree Haridev Mandir:  Ancient temple amassed with divinity

Shree Haridev temple in Govardhan is an ancient temple which is said to belong to the time of Lord Krishna. It is located 50 meter from Manasi Ganga lake on a small street starting from one of the banks of the sacred lake. Haridev temple is more popularly known as Shree Hardevjee mandir in Govardhan. Visiting the temple is a must for devotees who come to circumambulate around the Goverdhan hill.

Story behind the divine temple:

The appearance of Haridev in Govardhan has a very divine story behind it. Radha Rani and her friends along with some cowherds had to meet Shri Krishna on the banks of Mansi Ganga. Krishna got late and all the members including Radha started calling Haridev, the other name if Shri Krishna. Haridev appeared before them in the form of a deity with left hand raised as if lifting Goverdhan hill to protect Brijwasis from the torrential rainfall caused by rain God Indra. Everyone got amused and pleased to see the beautiful form of the deity. Since then they started offering pooja seva to Haridev. Shri Haridev Mandir in Govardhan worships the same supreme almighty with maximal devotion and faith.

Grand edifice that worships the supreme almighty:

Four grand temples were constructed by king Vajranabha — Govindadev at Vrindavan, Haridev at Manasi Ganga, Govardhan, Baladev near Mahavan and Keshavadev at Mathura. It was done around hundred years later after the appearance of Haridev. With time Haridev deity and his temple disappeared. 4500 years later the deity was found in an excavation in the early 16th century.  A few years later Raja Bhagavana Singh constructed a grand temple for Lord Harideva.

In 1670, knowing the opulence of the temples in Braj, a Muslim tyrant of Delhi named Aurangjeb sent his army to loot and destroy the temples. The army came to loot Shri Haridev temple along with other temples of Mathura region. The then Rajput kings helped the Vaishnavs and secretly moved the deities to Rajasthan and other Hindu kingdoms. Shrinath ji was moved to Nathdwara, Udaipur in Rajasthan and Harideva ji along with Keshavadeva were taken to Badhauli village near Rasadhan town in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh. Since then the replica deity of Harideva is being worshiped in the original temple at Mansi Ganga.

Darshan Timings:

Morning:- 05:30am to 11:00am

Afternoon:- 04:00pm to 10:00pm

Divine experience to cherish:

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