Vrindavan Temples: Mystical epitomes of devotion

Vrindavan is the epitome of enlightenment. Every nook and corner of this blissful city bespeaks the highest level of spirituality. As abode of Lord Krishna, this pious land in the Braj region is home to many temples that entice pilgrims looking for salvation from across the world. Every temple in Vrindavan is a living example of endless devotion and faith. We at Brijwale help you revere the undying devotion in the pious land of Lord Krishna and Sri Radha Rani “ The Vrindavan”

The holy land of Vrindavan was founded by Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu in the 16th century and since then many spectacular temples have been built here. From kings to nobles and landlords to normal civilians, every individual has privileged his existence by building temples on this virtuous land of devotion. The spell of the place has been such that, every Vrindavan temple till date makes you feel the presence of the Lord himself. At Brijwale, we intend to help you enjoy every part of Vrindavan. The tranquility of the holy abode of Lord Krishna is known universally, but with us, you get the advantage to visit the unvisited parts and temples in Vrindavan. We not only inform you about the most popular temples in Vrindavan but also update you with the festivities in the temples here so that you plan your trip accordingly.

Vrindavan temples are famed for being magnificent edifices of tranquility. Despite being flocked with tourists from across the world, most of the famous temples in Vrindavan are serene and peace-giving. We guide you through the list of temples in Vrindavan, that are visited by tourists throughout the year and are the eminent centers of devotion. Being house to around 2000 temples, Vrindavan is the most revered place for its mysticism. At Brijwale you get all the necessary information of these temples.

Apart from devotional values Vrindavan temples list given on our site, are visited for their peculiar festivities and rituals. At Brijwale, the list of temples,  is just a glimpse of the mesmeric land of the Lord, there are many more Vrindavan Mandirs that not just are centers of high-spirited faith but are magnificent edifices carved with eternal aesthetics. We at Brijwale, make it easy for you to explore these prominent centers of devotion, thus letting you thoroughly enjoy the god’s own land. So come, explore the mystic land of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani, and experience unending spirituality yourself!