Mansi Ganga

Mansi Ganga: A benign symbol of affection towards the almighty

The most sacred and the largest lake in Goverdhan town of Mathura is the Mansi Ganga. It is situated right in the heart of Goverdhan. The pure water of Mansi Ganga is considered to be more pious than that of Ganges River. It is said that one who bathes in the river Ganges is purified of all sins, but one who bathes in Mansi-Ganga Goverdhan is not only purified of sins but will also achieve prem-bhakti, the highest platform of pure loving devotion to Krishna.

Divine pond for humanity:

Mann means “mind” and Ganga is another name for the Ganges River. It is said that Mansi Ganga was brought to Goverdhan with the mental power and meditation of Lord Krishna. There are a few instances in Hindu legends stating how and why Mansi Ganga was brought to Goverdhan. 

According to the Hindu legends, Shri Krishna brought the river of Ganges to Goverdhan  for his parents and other Brijwasis as he believed that all the holy places reside in braj. It is said that Ganga appeared in Braj on her crocodile carrier on the night of Amavasya (new moon) of kartik maas i.e. on Dipawali.

Another story states that Ganga yearned and requested her younger sister Yamuna to witness the pastimes of Shri Krishna. On her request, Krishna with his mental power brought Ganga to Goverdhan and bestowed Ganga with his charm and mischievous pranks. There are instances that Shri Krishna along with his beloved Radha Rani used to take boat ride in this lake better known as the Nauka Vihar. Shri Krishna once disguised himself as a boat man and amused Radha Rani with his mischievous pranks in the middle of the lake. Radha being wise caught Shri Krishna. 
Beauty that mirrors devotion

The beautiful Manasi Ganga ghat surrounds this pious and soul touching lake. The stone ghats around the Manasi Ganga temple were built by King Bhagavan das, the father of Maria Singh, a king of Jaipur. Many people start their parikrama or circumambulation after taking bath in Manasi Ganga and end it by taking a bath in this auspicious lake again. 

Pilgrims take a holy dip in this divine lake’s water and get sanctified. It is a good-size lake located in the town of Goverdhan in the center of Govardhan Hill. People offer ghee lamps on the banks of Mansi Ganga. It is believed that taking bath in Mansi Ganga one gets the divine love of Lord Krishna and henceforth attains salvation. 

Darshan Timings:
24 Hour open

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