Seva Kunj Mandir

Seva Kunj: Worshipping services to the Lord!

Vrindavan is a beautiful place and famous because Lord Krishna spent his childhood here. The place is bestowed with his blessing and there are several holy places which will stun you with its miraculous spiritual presence of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha Rani. Seva Kunj is yet another holy place in Vrindavan that celebrates the unconditional love of the blissful couple Radha-Krishna.

Seva Kunj Mandir in Vrindavan is magnificent place showing the divine love of Radha Ji and Kanhaji. Seva Kunj is also known as “Nikunj” Van. This place is close to Lord Krishna’s heart. There is a beautiful idol of Radha Krishna in this temple. There is also a kund here known as Lalita Kund. It is believed that every night Lord Krishna and Radha Rani visit this place. So, this place is closed totally after evening. Although we can see many monkeys during daytime but by evening, they also leave this place. Seva Kunj in Vrindavan is addressed so because it is believed that Lord Krishna served the Radha Rani in this sacred place. Krishna helped her in getting ready for Raas Leela by combing hair and decorating her with ornaments. This can be depicted by the mesmerizing painting on the wall and the shlokas inscribed here from the Hindu Scriptures.

Seva Kunj Mandir is decorated every night and all necessary items are placed here for a night. Here in this mandir, devotees aslo see the beautiful paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha doing Raas Leela with the Gopis. Paintings depict the Lord Krishna serving Radha rani with massage to after the pious Raas Leela.

Seva Kunj Temple Timings: 08:00 am – 07:30 pm

The temple remains closed between 11:00 am to 05:30 pm

Seva Kunj Temple is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in Vrindavan. informs you about the many temples in Vrindavan that are closely associated with Lord Krishna and his leelas. Our only purpose is to let you enjoy every bit of the pious land, and in doing so, we and our team endures to inform you about the best of Vrindavan!